Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH – Our history

Our company's history stretches back to the 1950s.


Optimized spare parts kits for the ST27 series

Environment protection and an efficient use of resources facing international attention. KBB also contributes:

In the course of continuous improvement, the compilation of all spare parts kits for the ST27 series has been optimized. The content now focuses more on the actual needs during field maintenance and also allows the reuse of certain parts. Our customers benefit in having less waste and reduced costs.

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A story of success gets improved - the ST27-EP-Series has its production ramp up

With IMO Tier 3 and increasing demands on fuel efficiency, the ST27-EP-Series (Enhanced Performance) has been developed and successfully put into service. This latest generation of single-stage high pressure turbocharging is an update of the proven ST27-Series. It now offers pressure ratios of 6:1 and higher air flows. Due to the complete conversion to clamping flanges (except ST7-EP) as well as spare parts kits, which are based on interfaces, measures have been implemented which increase the ease of maintenance.


KBB GmbH was awarded the "Supplier Quality Excellence Process - Certification Gold Level"

Caterpillar assesses the quality of their suppliers' deliveries at regular intervals. In November 2016, KBB GmbH was awarded the "Supplier Quality Excellence Process - Certification Gold Level" certificate for its due date reliability and product quality.


KBB GmbH was honoured with the "Supplier Award for outstanding project performance"

Yanmar, the Japanese engine manufacturer, honoured KBB GmbH with the "Supplier Award for outstanding project performance" in November 2015.

KBB was given this award for its punctual deliveries and high product quality.


A prosperous future through innovation

K2B – Two-stage turbocharging in the 8th generation of exhaust-gas turbochargers

Diesel engines will continue to change to meet the requirements of increased environmental protection. The future will be determined by a highly efficient and resource-saving technology that is particularly low in emissions. Thanks to high charging pressures and high efficiency, our K2B 2-stage turbocharging system contributes to securing the future of diesel engine technology.

If you want to join us in shaping the future, do not hesitate to send us your application!


Extension of the assembly and warehouse hall

Completion of KBB's new assembly and storage hall for the modernisation and extension of turbocharger production in Bannewitz.


Quality and development

Commissioning of the new turbocharger test rig with the latest measurement and control technology. Highly efficient natural gas burners ensure a resource-saving, low emission test operation.


The success story continues with the ST27 – the 7th generation of turbochargers

In the 2000s, development requirements for marine diesel engines are marked in particular by environmental and emission regulations which, for the first time, have to be implemented almost worldwide. The development of the ST series allows us to provide more charging pressure for our customers so that they can meet the requirements.


KBB is taken over by the OGEPAR group

Targeted investment and product development contribute to a shift in the company's focus to new applications and customers.

Ogepar S.A.


New products for new markets – HPR – the 6th generation of turbochargers

The development of the HPR series as a compact, high-performance turbocharger is a decisive milestone for our company. Thanks to the HPR turbochargers we can demonstrate our products' excellent performance and quality and win new customers worldwide. More than 9,000 units are in use to date.


Privatisation and takeover by Holset (UK)

The privatisation and takeover by Holset (UK) leads to a stabilisation of the business. The company's structure and size are adjusted to the new requirements.  


Further development of the R series to become the 5th generation of turbochargers



New world, new chances …

Foundation of Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH and reorientation of the company towards an open world market.


The great change …

The political turnaround in Europe and the reunification of Germany leads to the collapse of the former sales market in the Eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union.


1,700 exhaust-gas turbochargers a year

The turbocharger production reaches a figure of 1,700 units a year. At this time, KBB has a workforce of around 700.


4th generation of turbochargers

Start of the production of the 4th generation of turbochargers in the M series. This type of turbocharger is still being produced in series to date.


More space for more turbochargers …

Construction of new production halls and test rigs to extend the production facilities in Bannewitz.


3rd generation of turbochargers

Start of the production of the R series as the 3rd generation of turbochargers in a compact design with a radial turbine and plain bearings.


KBB becomes a part of the SKL group



Start of the production of the H series as the 2nd generation of turbochargers



Start of the production of the N series as the 1st generation of turbochargers



The course is set…

Start of the development of exhaust-gas turbochargers at the Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt für Strömungsmaschinen (Research and Test Institute for Turbo Engines) in Dresden.


The basis…

Foundation of VEB Kompressorenbau Bannewitz (KBB) on the Bannewitz site. Production of small piston compressors and cell blowers.