KBB turbocharger M40 -
the compact axial BOOST!

The M40 turbocharger enables the single-stage, high-pressure turbocharging of medium-speed engines in the output range from 900 to 1,800 kW per unit.

KBB's M40 turbocharger
Figure: M40

Main fields of applications:

  • Power generation
  • Diesel-electric drives
  • Diesel-mechanical drives
  • Main propulsion engines
  • Auxiliary engines
  • Locomotive applications
  • Off-road applications

Suitable for the following engine types:

  • Diesel engines
  • Heavy fuel oil engines (HFO)
  • Engines for natural gas, biogas and special gases
  • Dual-fuel engines
KBB Turbo M40 rotor

Performance features of the M40 series

The M40 is characterised by the following performance features:

  • High efficiency
  • Wide compressor maps
  • Compact design with axial turbine
  • Very good acceleration performance
  • Reduced pollutant emissions from the engine (to comply with international requirements such as IMO I, IMO II, Rhein SchUO, BSO 1+2, EPA Tier 1+2, TA Air, etc.)
  • Long service life and extended maintenance intervals
  • Easy-maintenance design and short engine downtimes during servicing work
  • Quick and easy replacement of wearing components
  • Water-cooled bearing casing
  • Compressor and turbine washing device, speed measurement, silencer and insulation available as accessories
Figure: Pressure ratio and air flow rate of M40 series
Figure: Pressure ratio and air flow rate of M40 series
ModelAir flow rate V (m3/s)Engineoutput
P (kW)
Maximum pressure ratio
∏ vmax
η (%)  ∏ = 4.0 
Weight m (kg)
∏ = 2.5∏ = 4.0
M401.30 - 2.602.50 - 3.90900 - 1,8004.065260

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