KBB turbocharger training courses

Product and user training

Experienced and highly-qualified trainers teach knowledge about the maintenance and operation of our turbocharger product series in our training courses. We place particular emphasis on a high practical content, which is underpinned by theoretical knowledge.

Our training programme covers both basic training as well as user-specific courses that are tailored to the needs of our customers and partners.

We are happy to share our knowledge because we want to ensure that you are able to maintain and operate your KBB turbocharger in such a way that it will give you many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Training takes place in the KBB training centre in Bannewitz to guarantee the best possible conditions. However, courses can also be held on-site on request.

Are you interested in training?

If so, please contact the head of our KBB Service Department Tom Kramer or write to us using our contact form.

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Tom Kramer, Head of Service Department bei KBB

Tom Kramer

Head of Service Department