Spare parts inquiry / order

Original KBB spare parts

Are you already a KBB business partner or would you like to become one? If so, please use our inquiry/order form: 

to the inquiry / order

Are you an end customer, the owner of, or have you been commissioned by them to operate our turbocharger?
Simply send us the details from the nameplate as well as the required after-sales service or spare parts per e-mail to  

Please note that we reserve the right not to process unqualified inquiries as well as inquiries from third parties such as distributors. If so, please contact one of our service partners.

Please keep the correct data for your turbocharger handy so as to guarantee a correct and speedy identification of the required parts.

The minimum data that is needed is:

  • Turbocharger type 
  • Specification 
  • Serial number

This information can be found on the turbocharger’s nameplate.