Turbocharger repairs & maintenance

KBB spare parts and tool kits

A failure of your turbocharger due to low-quality, incorrect or second-hand spare parts can cost you dearly.

So play safe and have your turbocharger serviced and repaired professionally by trained experts. KBB works together with more than 60 service partners worldwide to offer you the best possible after-sales service.

Quality parts from the original manufacturer

So as to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of your turbocharger over its entire service life, you should only ever use original spare parts.

  • Safety 
    The safety of your crew and employees takes top priority. We can offer the highest level of safety if you trust in our spare parts.
  • Efficiency 
    Our high-quality original parts let you get the highest efficiency out of your exhaust-gas turbocharger, thus saving you money and sparing your nerves.
  • High accuracy of fit 
    Perfectly fitting parts enable easy maintenance. Which is why we can guarantee very short downtimes for your exhaust-gas turbocharger with our original spare parts.

Turbochargers from KBB are designed to withstand even extreme loads in operation. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your turbocharger running smoothly in the long run and to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary repairs.

KBB has been developing turbochargers for over 70 years and uses the data it has collected to optimally meet its customers’ needs in terms of costs, quality and reliability.

Tom Kramer, Head of Service Department bei KBB

Tom Kramer

Head of Service Department

Bespoke after-sales services

On-site service

Thanks to our extensive network of service partners, there is never a competent contact person too far away for any maintenance or repair work. At your request, and depending on the availability, we can also support you directly with our highly-qualified technicians and engineers on site. Our 24/7 service provides reliable help at any time should you experience an emergency.


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Bring-in service

If you send us your faulty components, we will repair and recondition these in accordance with KBB quality standards and specifications.


Reconditioned and repaired components are subject to the same quality process as new parts.



K2S exchange programme

We can offer the K2S exchange programme for turbochargers from the HPR-, ST27 and K2B series. This programme, in which the cartridge is exchanged, offers a number of advantages.


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Individual, like your requirements

Of course, we also offer you the possibility of concluding agreements that cover your specific needs for all of the services named here, such as

Full service • Fixed term • Framework agreements • Creation of a dedicated, customer-specific stock

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Original spare parts from KBB

If you provide us with the data on your exhaust-gas turbocharger’s nameplate (type, spec. and serial), we can make you an individual offer according to your wishes or service case.

We are proud of our patented manufacturing methods to produce turbine nozzle rings that are either uncoated or especially coated for operation with heavy fuel oil. They are one of the most important parts of our exhaust-gas turbochargers. Our original KBB turbine nozzle rings guarantee the best performance.

We pay great attention to making our plain bearings as precise as possible. They are crucial for the smooth running of the rotor and thus for the quality and efficiency of our exhaust-gas turbochargers. Regular replacement of the bearings can reduce your costs significantly in the long run.

The perfect rotor in perfect condition is synonymous with performance, efficiency & cost reduction. An exhaust-gas turbocharger can only achieve the performance you expect with the right rotor in a perfect condition. At the same time, a perfectly matched and precisely manufactured rotor also guarantees the highest possible safety and efficiency. And the best thing at all – just leave it up to us.

We take care of your rotor, be it axial or radial. Our service stations and KBB staff are ideally trained to carry out all necessary inspections and maintenance work on your rotor.

Cut costs with clever packages. Our spare parts strategy aims to reduce your costs. We have the right sets of spare parts for every servicing task and we sell them as a package. This means that you have all of the spare parts you need on site at all times and can rest assured that the next inspection will go off without a hitch.

Simply send us the details from your turbocharger's nameplate and we will help you select the correct parts.

A cartridge contains all of the parts of your turbocharger that are subject to mechanical stress. Regular inspections and/or maintenance that are carried out with a meticulous attention to detail are thus essential for a fully functioning exhaust-gas turbocharger.

A quick replacement of the complete cartridge may be expedient to guarantee extremely short engine downtimes during our servicing work. We can also supply spare cartridges at short notice across the globe.

Feel free to contact us at KBB directly or get in touch with your local KBB service partnerto schedule all of your inspections and maintenance work.

KBB Turbocharger repair service

We help you choose the right products for maintenance of your KBB exhaust-gas turbocharger.

Are you the owner of, or have you been commissioned by them to operate our turbocharger? Simply send us the details from the nameplate as well as the required after-sales service or spare parts per e-mail to

Please note that we reserve the right not to process unqualified inquiries as well as inquiries from third parties such as distributors.

KBB partner workshops can request a spare part online:

Spare parts inquiry

Resource efficiency through remanufacturing

KBB is well aware of its responsibility towards the environment, which is why we encourage the reuse of core components.

Remanufacturing also allows updates to meet current design standards. The components are reworked according to original or current specifications, as required.

Dismantling and cleaning

We make an initial evaluation of the turbocharger after its delivery. To this end, it is dismantled and the individual parts are specially cleaned so as to allow an exact assessment.


All of the parts are inspected, measured and tested very carefully. The same standards apply here as for new parts in order to meet the high requirements of the components in operation.

Processing & assembly

Any component that does not meet our strict requirements or is not up to the latest technical standard will be replaced by a new part.

Final check

Every turbocharger is subjected to a hot gas test run after assembly in our test centre to ensure its quality. This allows us to guarantee its full performance and perfect function.

Coating & shipping

Finally, all of our turbochargers are coated and preserved, the same as in our series production. This protects them against environmental influences and allows a fast final assembly on the customers‘ premises.

Whether repairs or new parts:

All of our parts undergo the same process in compliance with the KBB quality standards and specifications. We grant a 1-year warranty on all parts and service work.

KBB breathes new life into second-hand components.

We believe it’s worth the effort: because our remanufacturing programme spares resources and thus reduces the load on the environment, entirely in accordance with our corporate policy.

Environmental & quality policy

The right tool for every service

Depending on the maintenance schedule for your exhaust-gas turbocharger, we provide sets of tools that perfectly fit the respective task. Our handy toolboxes let you transport the tools conveniently from place to place wherever you need them.

We put together a set of tools to meet the needs of our end users and allow them to carry out important servicing and maintenance work directly on site. We also offer special sets of tools for service workshops so that they can perform detailed and extensive inspections.

Do you have any questions about repairs, maintenance or our spare parts?

If so, contact us by e-mail at spares@kbb-turbo.com or via our contact form to order the right tools for your turbocharger.

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