KBB turbochargers from the
ST27-EP series - your modern BOOST!

The ST27-EP series is the latest generation of turbochargers for the single-stage, high-pressure turbocharging of medium-speed engines and guarantees a convincing performance in the output range between 500 and 6,000 kW per unit. Continued development of the standard ST27 series has allowed us to achieve pressure ratios of 6:1 and higher throughputs too. 

KBB turbocharger from ST series
Figure: ST5

Main fields of applications:

  • Power generation
  • Main propulsion engines
  • Auxiliary engines
  • Locomotive applications
  • Off-road applications

Suitable for the following engine types:

  • Diesel engines
  • Heavy fuel oil engines (HFO)
  • Engines for natural gas, biogas and special gases
  • Dual-fuel engines
KBB Turbo ST5 product series - Rotor

Performance features of the ST27-EP series

The products in the ST27-EP series are characterised by the following performance features:

  • High efficiency
  • High pressure ratio
  • Wide compressor maps
  • Compact design with radial turbine
  • Geometrically interchangable with HPR series turbochargers
  • Reduced pollutant emissions from the engine (to comply with international requirements such as IMO II, IMO III limit values in combination with exhaust-gas after-treatment such as SCR or exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), Tier II and Tier III, TA Air, etc.)
  • Long service life and extended maintenance intervals, even in tough operating conditions
  • Easy-maintenance design and short engine downtimes during service
  • Quick and easy replacement of wearing components
  • Compressor and turbine washing device, speed measurement, silencer and insulation available as accessories
  • Water cooling of the bearing casing for high-temperature applications on request
Figure: Pressure ratio and air flow rate of the ST series
ModelAir flow rate V (m3/s)Engineoutput
P (kW)
Maximum pressure ratio
∏ vmax
η (%)  ∏ = 4.5 
Weight* m (kg)
∏ = 5.2∏ = 5.6
ST3**0.95 - 2.001.05 - 2.00500 - 1,3006.064158
ST41.40 - 2.851.50 - 2.90700 - 1,9006.064280
ST52.10 - 4.202.40 - 4.401,050 - 2,8006.066383
ST63.20 - 6.103.65 - 6.201,600 - 4,0006.068570
ST74.80 - 10.105.40 - 10.302,500 - 6,0006.0701254

* Weight = basic turbo + air filter silencer + exhaust gas elbow

** Preliminary for ST3-EP. Current stage up to pressure ratio 5.5.

Any questions? 

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