Turbine nozzle rings from KBB

Why should you use original KBB turbine nozzle rings?

We are proud of our patented manufacturing methods for uncoated turbine nozzle rings as well as turbine nozzle rings that are especially coated for heavy fuel oil operation. They are one of the most important parts of our exhaust-gas turbochargers. Our original KBB turbine nozzle rings are a guarantee for the best performance.

Original KBB turbine nozzle rings offer:

  • Guaranteed KBB quality
  • Precision made in Germany
  • The highest accuracy of fit during assembly
  • High efficiency of the overall system
Original KBB spare part: ST5 turbine nozzle ring
Figure: ST5 turbine nozzle ring

We help you to select the correct products to service your KBB exhaust-gas turbocharger.

Simply send us the details from your turbocharger's nameplate and order the appropriate turbine nozzle ring directly.