Our company's guidelines

General principles

  • We verify the implementation of our quality and environmental policy in a management review every six months.
  • All of our employees are familiar with our quality and environmental policy, which is posted in the company and is accessible to all interested parties.
  • Risks and chances are analysed and assessed and appropriate action is taken. We draw up an annual audit programme for this purpose and perform internal audits to check the extent to which our quality and environmental requirements have been met.

Quality policy

Quality is the basis of our commercial success and thus ensures that the demands of all of the organisation's interested parties are met. Our quality policy is the focal point of corporate management.


  • means understanding and complying with the customers' expectations.
  • is based on the employees' knowledge and competence.
  • starts at the management level and is the basis for leading the employees.
  • is the prerequisite for the company's economic success. We thus have good cause to inform and develop our employees in this respect.
  • starts with the product planning process and runs through all organisational processes.
  • means that we set targets and undertake to continuously improve our performance. Every employee is responsible for implementing this policy in his/her sphere of action.

Our quality is the key to our customers' long-lasting loyalty!

Environmental policy

The agenda and principles listed below are crucial for our environmental policy.

We uphold the following environmental principles:

  • We continuously improve the working conditions in our company together with all employees to guarantee the best-possible occupational health and safety.
  • We use all resources in a systematic, targeted and economical way to actively spare the environment and improve our company's efficiency.
  • We handle dangerous substances properly to prevent them from being released into the environment and polluting the water.
  • We strictly comply with all production and storage regulations so as to be able to control any potential environmental and occupational hazards.
  • We perform preventive maintenance to minimize any potential risks. 
  • We identify and assess all environmental aspects and pledge to further improve the environmental management system on our site.
  • We undertake to comply with all relevant laws and other requirements by keeping a list of statutory regulations and updating this at regular intervals.
  • We regularly record the energy consumption to update the energy baseline.
  • We assess the energy use, energy consumption and the active influence in this respect in view of improving our energy-related performance.
  • We define energy indexes as strategic and operative energy-saving objectives in all of our company's process areas.
  • We undertake to purchase and use energy-efficient products (devices, machines and equipment) and services to improve our own energy-related performance.

Quality & sustainability at KBB

Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH is proud of its 60-year history that is marked by innovation.

Having produced more than 70,000 exhaust-gas turbochargers, KBB ranks among the world market leaders in this segment.

People make the difference

Our strength lies in our experienced and innovative staff. We see ourselves as a future-oriented company with roots in the local region. We focus on meeting the demands of our global customers and taking responsibility for our staff and the environment.

We are committed to the highest quality and availability of our products to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible results. That's why we put everything into developing new products, modern manufacturing methods and economical service solutions every single day.