Original spare parts for your turbocharger

Why are original spare parts and tools from KBB good for you?


The safety of your crew and staff takes top priority. We can guarantee the highest-possible safety if you rely on our spare parts.


Our high-quality spare parts let you to get the best efficiency from your exhaust-gas turbocharger and save you a lot of money.

High accuracy of fit

Parts with a high accuracy of fit guarantee easy maintenance. Using our original spare parts for your exhaust-gas turbocharger will ensure the shortest possible downtimes.

Our offer for you

We can offer original spare parts and appropriate tools as well as a full after-sales service.

Our spare parts & tools:

Original spare parts for your turbocharger

Spare parts to fit your turbocharger

KBB spare parts and tools are available from our warehouse and can be shipped to you within 24 hours. Using the information on your turbocharger's nameplate (Type, Spec. and Serial), we will be able to make an individual offer that matches your maintenance schedule or meets your particular service needs.

Simply send us the details from the nameplate and order the parts directly from our Sales Director Reinhard Ernst by phone on +49 351 4085 664 or by e-mail at .

Our after-sales service

Apart from original KBB spare parts and a full range of tools, we also offer detailed documentation and repair instructions in our download centre, allowing you to carry out maintenance and servicing work on your turbocharger.

Thanks to our far-reaching network of service partners, there is never a competent contact person too far away for any maintenance and repair work that may become necessary.

But what if you need spare parts very urgently in an emergency? Our 24/7 emergency service will be pleased to help you.