Exhaust aftertreatment for your turbocharger

The exhaust aftertreatment systems from KBB not only meet the requirements of exhaust-gas laws and emission standards, they also give our customers the chance to reconcile environmental protection with profitability.

Thanks to our system, even the strictest of emission requirements can be safely met:

In combination with a KBB turbocharger, you get a perfectly matched overall system that offers maximum efficiency and performance with lower exhaust-gas counter-pressures.

Whether yours is a new project or a retrofit: we support you from the idea through planning and development right up to approval by the flag state or a classification society.

Thomas Pitschel, Ingenieur bei KBB

Thomas Pitschel

Exhaust Aftertreatment Engineer

One goal, numerous advantages

Various regional and global emission standards apply worldwide for “non-road vehicles” such as locomotives and ships.

No matter whether these are IMO Tier III, EU Stage V, EPA Tier III/IV or China I/II, they all have a common goal: the continuous reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and in some case particulate matter (PM) emissions from combustion engines.

An exhaust aftertreatment system from KBB helps reduce pollutant emissions and offers some further advantages:Eine Abgasnachbehandlung von KBB trägt zur Reduzierung von Schadstoffemissionen bei und bietet weitere Vorteile:

Extension of your engine’s service life

Exhaust aftertreatment systems can help prolong your engine’s service life by reducing harmful deposits and corrosion.

Sustainability and environmental protection

They help to reduce the environmental impact and minimise the carbon footprint of your vehicles or industrial plants.

Compliance with emission standards

They comply with the strict limits imposed by governments and environmental authorities.

Improved air quality

Exhaust aftertreatment reduces the impact of pollutants on the environment and on people’s health.

Improved energy efficiency

Reducing pollutant emissions improves the efficiency of the combustion process.

Apart from conventional diesel fuels, the combustion of so-called alternative fuels such as LNG, methanol or ammonia also produces harmful exhaust gases. In such cases, our systems can also help reduce emissions and make ships cleaner.

Efficient after-sales service too

If you decide on an exhaust aftertreatment system from KBB, you will then profit from our after-sales service network too.

Certified partners around the world will take care of the correct function of your system. Harmonising the maintenance intervals between the engine, turbocharger and exhaust aftertreatment system means you do not have to schedule additional maintenance work.

Service partners worldwide

Use the innovative technologies
offered by KBB

The advantages of an exhaust aftertreatment system make it an important technology for improving air quality, protecting the environment and complying with emission standards.

Contact us so that we can help you plan your path to a sustainable future.

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