Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

The KBB-EMx exhaust management solution

Combustion engines, utilising proven exhaust management technologies, can exist alongside alternative power systems as part of a net zero emissions future.

Compliance to the latest emissions reduction legislation, such as IMO III, EU Stage V and EPA standards, must be achieved by operators and owners of marine and power generation equipment.

Our exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS) product portfolio offers solutions designed and manufactured to fully integrate with new or existing engine platforms delivering high efficiency exhaust emissions reductions for applications from 1 to 10MW.

The KBB-EMx EATS is developed to minimise the overall package space required to meet the necessary emissions performance. Advanced urea mixing techniques help to keep the system compact whilst high performance selective catalytic reduction (SCR) helps to minimise the overall catalyst volume. Additionally, the unique design of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) unit optimises the exhaust flow distribution under all operating conditions minimising the regeneration frequency and reducing the total regeneration time.

Carefully selected materials, construction methods and extensive validation testing ensure the EATS achieves the robust durability requirements of our customers for the full life of the product. Both the DPF design and the regeneration strategy maximise the service life of the DPF element; coupled with the unique SCR technology, which exhibits high thermal and chemical stability, ensuring the longest possible service intervals.

Our exhaust system portfolio is designed with modularity in mind; the catalysts modules are of standard size and technologies which can be applied across the entire range of system sizes. The auxiliary components are also developed to use a standard range of components irrelevant of the overall system size.

All elements of the KBB-EMx system design are optimised to ensure aligned service intervals and minimum total cost of ownership. Our complete EATS solution has no hidden costs; our customers are fully advised of all service requirements and replacement parts based on the operating hours of each application with all serviceable components available directly from the KBB global service network.

Emissions regulations for the marine industry

Emissions standards exist to improve air quality which ultimately protect our environment and public health.

These legal requirements are set by regulatory bodies and enforced by governments. They include quantitative limits on the permissible amount of specific air pollutants  which can be released into the atmosphere. The tables shown provide details of the applicable pollutant limits to which vessels must now comply.

Two of the most common standards in operation in Europe define emissions control targets for both inland and sea going vessels.

The first is from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) who have introduced the IMO Tier III controls for specified vessels operating in Emission Control Areas (ECA) which limit nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The second is the application of Stage V regulations to vessels operating on inland  waterways. Stage V emissions regulations set limits on both NOx, particulate matter (PM) and particulate number (PN) emissions. This regulation impacts both power  generators and marine engines operating on inland waterways.


Emissions control areas

KBB and Eminox combining strengths to  deliverlongterm benefits

By harmonising the turbo and tailpipe components, an optimised solution is delivered using a robust project management process covering all aspects from design & development of components to commissioning and  certification.

Together our proven technologies to control the exhaust emissions ensure cost  effective compliance with the latest regulations for the life of the engine whether for new build or refitting applications.

As a complete systems provider with our own in-house facilities, we can take data from any application and turn it into a design that our engineers analyse using the latest simulation software and physically in our own comprehensive test facilities.

Crucial characteristics such as back pressure and fluid flow that can affect both the  engine and aftertreatment system are considered throughout the process to ensure the products we provide are right first time and give class leading performance in all operating conditions.

  • Based on continuous improvement of our products and services we can offer a whole life-cycle-proof-solution.
  • Leveraging our proven upgrade engineering capability the solution is future proof and able to meet increasing legislation.
  • Tailored to marine and power plant duty cycles, can provide a significant  operation expenditure (OPEX) advantage over a lifecycle of more than 20 years.
  • An integrated service concept ensures availability and performance throughout life-cycle, continuously complying with regulations.
  • Service intervals are aligned with standard overhaul engine intervals to minimise down time.
  • “Ich bin dabei” - “Count me in„ Corporate Social Responsibility.

In a rapidly changing environment KBB-EMx-Solution is able to set the benchmark in terms of total cost-benefit-ratio.